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The Launceston School for Seniors Inc

 The Launceston School for Seniors is an organization for people over 50 who like mental and physical activity and want to pursue existing interests or develop new ones.

Two of the basic objectives of the school are:

  • To foster and promote the educational and social needs of persons who have attained the age of 50.
  • To provide and conduct a range of programs.

The school has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, letting the members make new friends and meet interesting people, and take part in many courses and activities. These are presented by an enthusiastic band of volunteer tutors. There are no exams, just personal satisfaction.

The school operates for three terms of ten weeks each year, with most classes being held at the Adult Education (LINC) buildings at 8 High Street, and some other venues which are used for specialised activities.

The first term generally runs from early March to Late May: second term from mid June to the end of August; and third term from September to early December.

Over the summer period, members can participate in other activities such as coach trips and picnics, extending the opportunity to maintain social contact with their fellow members.

Each term, approximately 60 courses and activities are offered for the enjoyment of members. Payment of $45 for one term allows you to attend as many classes as you wish as well as enjoy a cup of tea or coffee between classes, getting to know their fellow members in a great social atmosphere.